Happy Earth Day! Let’s Grow it Forward and Build Sustainable Connections


What is Sustainable Connection?

Our Mission is to connect those working on sustainable projects in different fields. To build our directory and make sure the right people can get in touch with one another. We want to help them develop innovative ideas together and to open doors for sustainable solutions. Together we can all enrich our communities with a better quality of life. If we all become more inter-connected.
Sustainability is the Path to Liberty
Sustainable Connection is a nonprofit, our “Grow it Forward” initiative is founded on the belief that every man, woman and child should have decent, safe and affordable food to to eat.

What is Grow it Forward?

It is a gardens and community wellness effort with the “Pay it Forward” message and inspired by the Habitat for Humanity platform. We are helping low income families, single parent families, and elderly individuals who have difficulty doing yard work have easy to care for gardens that provide health, savings, and the therapeutic effects of gardening. We are a sprouting organization we will be growing ourselves and able to offer more services as we do so.

We are based on Long Island, NY it covers hardiness zones 6 & 7 so please feel free to use this blue print and alter it to fit your zones.

sweet surprise

Low maintenance and abundant fruits & veggies Zone 7

Blackberries                           Cucumber
Turnips                                   Cucuzza
Lettuce                                   Pumpkin
Blueberries                             Tomatoes
Melon                                     Basil
Chives                                    Parsley

Places to ask for Free materials

Local Landscapers and garden centers – Pallet Crates
Fairway Markets – Burlap Bags
Towns & Village – Mulch

Free and/or affordable non GMO Seeds

Dollar Tree 4/$1 American Seed
Local Seed Saver Exchanges

Free Garden Design Plans 

Print Your Own Urban Farm 



Resources & Courses  – Food Under Your Feet, Wildman Steve Brill

Easily Identified Favorites 

Garlic Mustard Greens
Dandelion Greens
Japanese KnotWeed (rhubarb alternative ) foraging for these makes a big impact in the area. It is a highly invasive species: it chokes out other growth, spreads terribly, and grows to massive heights – it is delicious though! Strawberry Knotweed Pie Recipe

(Pictures of these plants are available on our facebook page) facebook.com/SustainableConnection

Interested in Volunteering? Or donating materials? Please contact us via email info@sustainableconnection.org

sustainable connection logo 2


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